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Why use a travel agent for domestic travel???

This is one of the questions we hear most often, why use a travel agent? The answer is simple.

Sure, you can get an off-the-shelf, entirely OK lasagna from the store, just like you can pick up an OK domestic vacation by planning and booking it online. But what if you could have a delicious home-cooked lasagna … with three extra sides and a dessert for less effort and the same price?

You can almost taste the love!

As travel agents, we put our heart, soul, and impressive insider knowledge into creating fantastic domestic vacations that go beyond what Google could cobble together for you.

We’re here to show you the wonders of travel close to home. Our passion for listening to you means we craft your perfect backyard adventure so you can explore this beautiful nation of ours.

Read our guide below on how we can save you time and money while:

• Navigating the new complexities of domestic travel for you

• Taking the pain out of planning

• Building the perfect trip for you

• Sharing our expertise

• Fighting in your corner if things change

Here at Sunshine Tree Travel we are here to help you with all of your vacation needs from planning to destination and back home again. Request a quote today to see how we can help you.

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We are a full service travel agency that focuses on Disney, Universal, cruise line, and all-inclusive destinations. 




Every Sunshine Tree Travel vacation is built from scratch with your travel
style, interests, needs, and budget in mind.

We do the planning, and you create the memories!

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